Chemins de Grandes RandonneesLong hiking trailsen/grote RoutepadenFernwanderweg mit die GR in FrankreichРазмеченные маршруты для многодневных походов width=长途远足路线



Long Distance Footpaths

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GR1 From la Porte Maillot (Paris) to Nesles-la-Vallee (Val-d'Oise)
GR1 From Nesles-la-Vallee (Val-d'Oise) to Crecy-la-Chapelle (Seine-et-Marne)
GR1 From Crecy-la-Chapelle (Seine-et-Marne) to Malesherbes (Loiret)
GR1 From Malesherbes (Loiret) to Rambouillet (Yvelines)
GR1 From Rambouillet to Feucherolles (Yvelines)
GR2 From Sainte Foy to Chatillon-sur-Seine (Cote-d'Or)
GR2 From Chatillon-sur-Seine (Cote-d'Or) to Vauchassis (Aube)
GR2 From Vauchassis (Aube) to Montereau-Fault-Yonne (Seine-et-Marne)
GR2 From Montereau-Fault-Yonne (Seine-et-Marne) to Paris (Ile-de-France)
GR2 From Paris (Ile-de-France) to Gommecourt (Yvelines)
GR2 From Gommecourt (Yvelines) to St Pierre-de-Manneville (Seine-Maritime)
GR2 From St Pierre-de-Manneville to Havre (Seine-Maritime)
GR3 From Mt Gerbier-de-Jonc (Ardeche) to Retournac (Haute-Loire)
GR3 From Retournac (Haute-Loire) to Chabreloche (Puy-de-Dome)
GR3 From Chabreloche (Puy-de-Dome) to St Aubin-sur-Loire (Saone-et-Loire)
GR3 From St Aubin-sur-Loire (Saone-et-Loire) to Parigny-les-Vaux (Nievre)
GR3 From Parigny-les-Vaux (Nievre) to Ousson-sur-Loire (Loiret)
GR3 From Ousson-sur-Loire (Loiret) to La Chapelle St Mesmin (Loiret)
GR3 From La Chapelle St Mesmin (Loiret) to Lussault-sur-Loire (Indre-et-Loire)
GR3 From Lussault-sur-Loire (Indre-et-Loire) to Souzay-Champigny (Maine-et-Loire)
GR3 From Souzay-Champigny to Mauges-sur-Loire (Maine-et-Loire)
GR3 From Mauges-sur-Loire (Maine-et-Loire) to St Etienne-de-Montluc (Loire-Atlantique)
GR3 From St Etienne-de-Montluc to Guerande (Loire-Atlantique)
GR3F From Lafarre (Haute-Loire) to Apinac (Loire)
GR4 From Royan to Saintes (Charente-Maritime)
GR4 From Saintes (Charente-Maritime) to Mouthiers-sur-Boeme (Charente)
GR4 From Mouthiers-sur-Boeme (Charente) to Champagnac-la-Riviere (Haute-Vienne)
GR4 From Champagnac-la-Riviere (Haute-Vienne) to Chatelus-le-Marcheix (Creuse)
GR4 From Chatelus-le-Marcheix (Creuse) to Condat-en-Combraille (Puy-de-Dome)
GR4 From Condat-en-Combraille to Egliseneuve-d'Entraigues (Puy-de-Dome)
GR4 From Egliseneuve-d'Entraigues (Puy-de-Dome) to St Flour (Cantal)
GR4 From St Flour (Cantal) to Loubaresse (Ardeche)
GR4 From Loubaresse (Ardeche) to Mondragon (Vaucluse)
GR4 From Mondragon (Vaucluse) to Simiane-la-Rotonde (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence)
GR4 From Simiane-la-Rotonde to Rougon (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence)
GR4 From Rougon (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence) to Grasse (Alpes-Maritimes)
GR5 From Mondorff (Moselle) to Bayonville-Sur-Mad (Meurthe-et-Moselle)
GR5 From Bayonville-Sur-Mad (Meurthe-et-Moselle) to Dieuze (Moselle)
GR5 From Dieuze (Moselle) to Andlau (Bas-Rhin)
GR5 From Andlau (Bas-Rhin) to Thann (Haut-Rhin)
GR5 From Thann (Haut-Rhin) to Soulce-Cernay (Doubs)
GR5 From Soulce-Cernay to Montperreux (Doubs)
GR5 From Montperreux (Doubs) to Nyon (Switzerland-Leman Lake)
GR5 From Thonon-les-Bains (France-Leman Lake) to Les Houches (Haute-Savoie)
GR5 From Les Houches (Haute-Savoie) to Bessans (Savoie)
GR5 From Bessans (Savoie) to Montgenevre (Hautes-Alpes)
GR5 From Montgenevre (Hautes-Alpes) to St Dalmas-le-Selvage (Alpes-Maritimes)
GR5 From St Dalmas-le-Selvage to Nice (Alpes-Maritimes)
GR5G From Saarbrucken (Germany) to Ars-sur-Moselle (Moselle)
GR6 From Langon to Ste Foy-la-Grande (Gironde)
GR6 From Ste Foy-la-Grande (Gironde) to Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil (Dordogne)
GR6 From Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil (Dordogne) to Lacapelle-Marival (Lot)
GR6 From Lacapelle-Marival (Lot) to Espalion (Aveyron)
GR6 From Espalion (Aveyron) to St Pierre-des-Tripiers (Lozere)
GR6 From Saint-Pierre-des-Tripiers (Lozere) to Ners (Gard)
GR6 From Ners (Gard) to Aureille (Bouches-du-Rhône)
GR6 From Aureille (Bouches-du-Rhône) to Viens (Vaucluse)
GR6 From Viens (Vaucluse) to Bayons (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence)
GR6 From Bayons (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence) to Fouillouse (Hautes-Alpes)
GR7 From Ballon d'Alsace to Darney (Vosges)
GR7 From Darney (Vosges) to Langres (Haute-Marne)
GR7 From Langres (Haute-Marne) to Velars-sur-Ouche (Cote d'Or)
GR7 From Velars-sur-Ouche (Cote d'Or) to Le Puley (Saone et Loire)
GR7 From Le Puley (Saone et Loire) to Les Sauvages (Rhone)
GR7 From Les Sauvages (Rhone) to Col de la Charousse (Haute-Loire, Ardeche)
GR7 From Charousse Pass (Haute-Loire, Ardeche) to La Bastide-Puylaurent (Lozere)
GR7 From La Bastide-Puylaurent (Lozere) to L'Esperou (Gard)
GR7 From L'Esperou (Gard) to Boussagues (Herault)
GR7 From Boussagues (Herault) to Mazamet (Tarn)
GR7 From Mazamet (Tarn) to Mirepoix (Ariege)
GR7 From Mirepoix (Ariege) to Portella Blanca d'Andorra (France-Spain)
GR8 From Saint-Brevin-les-Pins (Loire-Atlantique) to La Barre-de-Monts (Vendee)
GR8 From La Barre-de-Monts to L'Ile-d'Olonne (Vendee)
GR8 From L'Ile-d'Olonne to the River Sevre niortaise (Vendee)
GR8 From Contaud to Belisaire (Gironde)
GR9 From St Amour (Jura) to Mijoux (Ain)
GR9 From Mijoux (Ain) to Yenne (Savoie)
GR9 From Yenne (Savoie) to Grenoble (Isere)
GR9 From Grenoble (Isere) to Beaufort-sur-Gervanne (Drome)
GR9 From Beaufort-sur-Gervanne to Buis-les-Baronnies (Drome)
GR9 From Buis-les-Baronnies (Drome) to Cucuron (Vaucluse)
GR9 From Cucuron (Vaucluse) to Saint Zacharie (Var)
GR9 From Saint Zacharie to Port Grimaud (Var)
GR10 From Hendaye to Esterencuby (Pyrenees-Atlantiques)
GR10 From Esterencuby to Borce (Pyrenees-Atlantiques)
GR10 From Borce (Pyrenees-Atlantiques) to Oule Lake (Hautes-Pyrenees)
GR10 From Oule Lake (Hautes-Pyrenees) to Bethmale Lake (Ariege)
GR10 From Bethmale Lake to Merens-les-Vals (Ariege)
GR10 From Merens-les-Vals (Ariege) to Ras-des-Cortalets (Pyrenees-Orientales)
GR10 From Ras-des-Cortalets to Banyuls-sur-Mer (Pyrenees-Orientales)
GR11 From Senlis (Oise) to Signy-Signets (Seine-et-Marne)
GR11 From Signy-Signets to Donnemarie-Dontilly (Seine-et-Marne)
GR11 From Donnemarie-Dontilly (Seine-et-Marne) to Mondeville (Essonne)
GR11 From Mondeville (Essonne) to Flexanville (Yvelines)
GR11 From Flexanville (Yvelines) to Senlis (Oise)
GR12 From Rocroi (Ardennes) to Amifontaine (Aisne)
GR12 From Amifontaine (Aisne) to Saint-Jean-aux-Bois (Oise)
GR12 From Saint-Jean-aux-Bois to Commelles Lakes (Oise)
GR13 From Fontainebleau (Seine-et-Marne) to Saint-Maurice-sur-Aveyron (Loiret)
GR13 From Saint-Maurice-sur-Aveyron (Loiret) to Saint-Pere (Yonne)
GR13 From Saint-Pere (Yonne) to Glux-en-Glenne (Nievre)
GR13 From Glux-en-Glenne (Nievre) to Signal-de-Mont (Saone-et-Loire)
GR14 From Paris (Ile de France) to Coulommiers (Seine-et-Marne)
GR14 From Coulommiers (Seine-et-Marne) to Reuil (Marne)
GR14 From Reuil to Vitry-en-Perthois (Marne)
GR14 From Vitry-en-Perthois (Marne) to Varennes-en-Argonne (Meuse)
GR14 From Varennes-en-Argonne (Meuse) to Corbion (Belgium)
GR20 From Calenzanato Vizzavona (Corsica)
GR20 From Vizzavona to Conca (Corsica)
GR21 From Havre to Veulettes-sur-Mer (Seine-Maritime)
GR21 From Veulettes-sur-Mer to Treport (Seine-Maritime)
GR22 From Paris (Ile de France) to Richebourg (Yvelines)
GR22 From Richebourg (Yvelines) to Verneuil-sur-Avre (Eure)
GR22 From Verneuil-sur-Avre (Eure) to La Perriere (Orne)
GR22 From La Perriere to Bagnoles-de-l'Orne (Orne)
GR22 From Bagnoles-de-l'Orne (Orne) to Mortain (Manche)
GR22 From Mortain to Mont-Saint-Michel (Manche)
GR23 From La Bouille to Tancarville (Seine-Maritime)
GR25 From Sotteville-sous-le-Val to St Pierre-de-Varengeville (Seine-Maritime)
GR26 From Villennes-sur-Seine (Yvelines) to Douains (Eure)
GR26 From Douains to Bernay (Eure)
GR26 From Bernay (Eure) to Villers-sur-Mer (Calvados)
GR30 Tour of volcanoes and lakes of Auvergne (Puy-de-Dome)
GR31 From Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire (Nievre) to Neuvy-sur-Barangeon (Cher)
GR31 From Neuvy-sur-Barangeon (Cher) to Mont-pres-Chambord (Loir-et-Cher)
GR32 From St-Fargeau-Ponthierry (Seine-et-Marne) to Pithiviers (Loiret)
GR32 From Pithiviers to Checy (Loiret)
GR34 From Vitre to Pleine-Fougeres (Ille-et-Vilaine)
GR34 From Pleine-Fougeres to Dinard (Ille-et-Vilaine)
GR34 From Dinard (Ille-et-Vilaine) to Pleneuf-Val-Andre (Cotes-d'Armor)
GR34 From Pleneuf-Val-Andre to Paimpol (Cotes-d'Armor)
GR34 From Paimpol to Perros-Guirec (Cotes-d'Armor)
GR34 From Perros-Guirec (Cotes-d'Armor) to Locquirec (Finistere)
GR34 From Locquirec to Santec (Finistere)
GR34 From Santec to Brouennou (Finistere)
GR34 From Brouennou to Tregana (Finistere)
GR34 From Tregana to Camaret-sur-Mer (Finistere)
GR34 From Camaret-sur-Mer to Douarmenez (Finistere)
GR34 From Douarmenez to Trunvel (Finistere)
GR34 From Trunvel to Concarneau (Finistere)
GR34 From Concarneau to Doelan (Finistere)
GR34 From Doelan (Finistere) to Quiberon (Morbihan)
GR34 From Quiberon to Vannes (Morbihan)
GR34 From Vannes to Le Tour-du-Parc (Morbihan)
GR34A From Brehec to Gurunhuel (Cotes-d'Armor)
GR34A From Gurunhuel to Perros-Guirec (Cotes-d'Armor)
GR35 From Verneuil-sur-Avre (Eure) to Montigny-le-Chartif (Eure-et-Loir)
GR35 From Montigny-le-Chartif (Eure-et-Loir) to Pezou (Loir-et-Cher)
GR35 From Pezou (Loir-et-Cher) to Vaas (Sarthe)
GR35 From Vaas (Sarthe) to Seiches-sur-le-Loir (Maine-et-Loire)
GR36 From Ouistreham (Calvados) to Putanges-Pont-Ecrepin (Orne)
GR36 From Putanges-Pont-Ecrepin (Orne) to Mont-Saint-Jean (Sarthe)
GR36 From Mont-Saint-Jean to St Mars-d'Outille (Sarthe)
GR36 From St Mars-d'Outille (Sarthe) to Brain-sur-Allonnes (Maine-et-Loire)
GR36 From Brain-sur-Allonnes (Maine-et-Loire) to Gourge (Deux-Sevres)
GR36 From Gourge to Chize (Deux-Sevres)
GR36 From Chize (Deux-Sevres) to La Rochefoucauld (Charente)
GR36 From La Rochefoucauld (Charente) to Bourdeilles (Dordogne)
GR36 From Bourdeilles to Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil (Dordogne)
GR36 From Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil (Dordogne) to Prayssac (Lot)
GR36 From Prayssac (Lot) to Savignac (Aveyron)
GR36 From Savignac (Aveyron) to Marsal (Tarn)
GR36 From Marsal to Cambounes (Tarn)
GR36 From Cambounes (Tarn) to Ribaute (Aude)
GR36 From Ribaute (Aude) to Sournia (Pyrenees-Orientales)
GR36 From Sournia to Bourg-Madame (Pyrenees-Orientales)
GR37 From Vitre to Medreac (Ille-et-Vilaine)
GR37 From Medreac (Ille-et-Vilaine) to Josselin (Morbihan)
GR37 From Josselin (Morbihan) to Glomel (Cotes-d'Armor)
GR37 From Glomel (Cotes-d'Armor) to Saint-Rivoal (Finistere)
GR37 From Saint-Rivoal to Pentrez-Plage (Finistere)
GR38 From Douarnenez to Chateauneuf-du-Faou (Finistere)
GR38 From Chateauneuf-du-Faou (Finistere) to Baud (Morbihan)
GR38 From Baud (Morbihan) to Redon (Ille-et-Vilaine)
GR39 From Mont Saint Michel (Manche) to Messac (Ille-et-Vilaine)
GR39 From Chartres-de-Bretagne to Redon (Ille-et-Vilaine)
GR39 From Redon (Ille-et-Vilaine) to Guerande (Loire-Atlantique)
GR40 Tour of Velay (Haute-Loire)
GR41 From Tours (Indre et Loire) to Selles-sur-Cher (Loir et Cher)
GR41 From Selles-sur-Cher (Loir et Cher) to Charost (Cher)
GR41 From Charost (Cher) to St Desire (Allier)
GR41 From St Desire (Allier) to Château-sur-Cher (Puy-de-Dome)
GR41 From Château-sur-Cher to Le Mont-Dore (Puy-de-Dome)
GR41 From Le Mont-Dore (Puy-de-Dome) to Blesle (Haute-Loire)
GR42 From Saint Etienne (Loire) to Boffres (Ardeche)
GR42 From Boffres to St Montan (Ardeche)
GR42 From St Montan (Ardeche) to Beaucaire (Gard)
GR43 From Col des Faisses to Ste Eulalie (Lozere)
GR44 From Les Vans (Ardeche) to Champerboux (Lozere)
GR44A From Les Vans (Ardeche) to Malons-et-Elze (Gard)
GR44B From Besseges to Mialet (Gard)
GR46 From Artannes-sur-Indre (Indre et Loire) to Buzancais (Indre)
GR46 From Buzancais to Perassay (Indre)
GR46 From Perassay (Indre) to Saint-Pardoux-le-Neuf (Creuse)
GR46 From Saint-Pardoux-le-Neuf (Creuse) to La Mechaussie (Correze)
GR46 From La Mechaussie (Correze) to Rocamadour (Lot)
GR46 From Rocamadour (Lot) to Saint-Projet (Tarn et Garonne)
GR46 From Saint-Projet (Tarn et Garonne) to Les Cabannes (Tarn)
GR48 From Aixe-sur-Vienne (Haute-Vienne) to Isle-Jourdain (Vienne)
GR48 From Isle-Jourdain to Angles-sur-l'Anglin (Vienne)
GR48 From Angles-sur-l'Anglin (Vienne) to Chinon (Indre-et-Loire)
GR49 From Saint Raphael (Var) to Rougon (Alpes de Haute-Provence)
GR50 Tour of Ecrins National Park (Hautes-Alpes, Isere)
GR51 From Menton to Testanier Pass (Alpes Maritimes, Var)
GR51 From Testanier Pass to Belgentier (Var)
GR51 From Belgentier to La Madrague (Var, Bouches-du-Rhone)
GR52 From St Dalmas de Valdeblore to Menton (Alpes-Maritimes)
GR53 From Wissembourg to La Petite-Pierre (Bas-Rhin)
GR53 From La Petite-Pierre to Donon (Bas-Rhin)
GR54 Tour of Oisans and Ecrins Massifs (Isere, Hautes-Alpes)
GR55 From Tignes to Modane (Savoie - Vanoise National Park)
GR56 Tour of Ubaye (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Alpes-Maritimes)
GR57 Tour of Mont Thabor (Hautes-Alpes)
GR58 Tour of Queyras (Hautes-Alpes)
GR59 From Ballon d'Alsace (Vosges) to Silley-Blefond (Doubs)
GR59 From Silley-Blefond (Doubs) to Mesnay (Jura)
GR59 From Mesnay to Geruge (Jura)
GR59 From Geruge (Jura) to Amberieu-en-Bugey (Ain)
GR59 From Amberieu-en-Bugey (Ain) to Yenne (Savoie)
GR60 From signal de Mailhebiau (Lozere-Aveyron) to l'Esperou (Gard)
GR60 From l'Esperou (Gard) to St Mathieu-de-Treviers (Herault)
GR61 From Anduze to Col de l'Asclier (Gard-Cevennes)
GR62 From Col de l'Asclier (Gard) to St Beauzely (Aveyron)
GR62 From St Beauzely to Conques (Aveyron)
GR62A From ravin de Combescure (Tarn) to Meyrueis (Lozere)
GR63 From Villeneuve-lez-Avignon to col de la Cabane-Vieille (Gard)
GR64 From Rocamadour (Lot) to Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil (Dordogne)
GR65 From Geneva (Switzerland) to St Genix-sur-Guiers (Savoie)
GR65 From St Genix-sur-Guiers (Savoie) to Maclas (Loire)
GR65 From Maclas (Loire) to Le Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire)
GR65 From Puy-en-Velay (Haute Loire) to Nasbinals (Lozere)
GR65 From Nasbinals (Lozere) to Montredon (Lot)
GR65 From Montredon (Lot) to Labastide-Marnhac (Lot)
GR65 From Labastide-Marnhac (Lot) to Marsolan (Gers)
GR65 From Marsolan (Gers) to Aire-sur-l'Adour (Landes)
GR65 From Aire-sur-l'Adour (Landes) to Larribar-Sorhapuru (Pyrenees-Atlantiques)
GR65 From Larribar-Sorhapuru (Pyrenees-Atlantiques) to Roncesvalles (Spain)
GR66 Roundtrip Tour du Mont Aigoual (Cevennes)
GR67 Pays Cevenol round-trip (Gard-Lozere)
GR68 Roundtrip around Mont Lozere (Cevennes)
GR70 From Le Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire) to La Bastide-Puylaurent (Lozere)
GR70 From La Bastide-Puylaurent (Lozere) to Ales (Gard)
GR71 From l'Esperou (Gard) to Ceilhes-et-Rocozels (Herault)
GR71 From Ceilhes-et-Rocozels (Herault) to Le Rialet (Tarn)
GR72 From Le Col du Bez (Ardeche) to Barre des Cevennes (Lozere)
GR73 From Chaudeyrolles (Haute-Loire) to Pont sur la Fontoliere (Ardeche)
GR74 From St Maurice Navacelles to Saint Privat (Herault)
GR76 From Arcenant (Cote d'Or) to Cluny (Saone-et-Loire)
GR76 From Cluny (Saone-et-Loire) to Affoux (Rhone)
GR77 From Saut de Vezoles (Herault) to Signal de l'Alaric (Aude)
GR78 From Carcassonne (Aude) to Pamiers (Ariege)
GR78 From Pamiers (Ariege) to Genos (Hautes-Pyrenees)
GR78 From Genos (Hautes-Pyrenees) to Asson (Pyrenees-Atlantiques)
GR78 From Asson to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (Pyrenees-Atlantiques)
GR86 From Toulouse to Aurignac (Haute-Garonne)
GR86 From Aurignac to Bagneres-de-Luchon (Haute-Garonne)
GR90 From Le Lavandou to Notre Dame des Anges (Var)
GR91 From St-Nizier-du-Moucherotte (Isere) to Miscon (Drome)
GR91 From Miscon (Drome) to Brantes (Vaucluse)
GR91 From Brantes to Fontaine-de-Vaucluse (Vaucluse)
GR92 From Apt to Cabrieres-d'Aigues (Vaucluse)
GR93 From Peyrus to Lus-la-Croix-Haute (Drome)
GR93 From Lus-la-Croix-Haute (Drome) to La Roche des Arnauds (Hautes-Alpes)
GR95 From Col de l'Echarasson to Vaunieres (Hautes-Alpes)
GR96 From Samoens to Verthier (Haute-Savoie)
GR96 From Verthier (Haute-Savoie) to Epernay (Savoie)
GR97 Tour of Luberon (Vaucluse, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence)
GR98 From La Madrague (Marseille) to Col du Pilon (Bouches-du-Rhone)
GR99 From Le Revest-les-Eaux to St Martin-de-Pallieres (Var)
GR99 From St Martin-de-Pallieres to Gorges du Verdon (Var)
GR101 From Maubourguet to Col de Saucede (Hautes-Pyrenees)
GR105 From Lortet (Hautes-Pyrenees) to Ourdissetou Pass (France/Spain)
GR107 From Foix (Ariege) to Portella Blanca (Andorra-Spain)
GR111 From Milly-la-Foret to St Michel-sur-Orge (Essonne)
GR120 From Bray-Dunes to Wissant (Pas-de-Calais)
GR120 From Wissant to Le Pas d'Authie (Pas-de-Calais)
GR121 From Bon-Secours (Belgique) to Arras (Pas-de-Calais)
GR121 From Arras to Grigny (Pas-de-Calais)
GR121 From Grigny to Equihen-Plage (Pas-de-Calais)
GR121C From Aubigny-au-Bac to Le Quesnoy (Nord)
GR122 From Conde-sur-l'Escaut (Nord) to Hannapes (Aisne)
GR122 From Hannapes (Aisne) to Chappes (Ardennes)
GR123 From Contes (Pas-de-Calais) to Clairy-Saulchoix (Somme)
GR123 From Clairy-Saulchoix (Somme) to Carlepont (Oise)
GR124 From Cires-les-Mello (Oise) to Berny-sur-Noye (Somme)
GR124 From Berny-sur-Noye (Somme) to Rebreuviette (Pas-de-Calais)
GR125 From Serans to Blancfosse (Oise)
GR125 From Blancfosse (Oise) to St Valery-sur-Somme (Somme)
GR127 From Dennebroeucq to Arras (Pas-de-Calais)
GR128 From Wissant (Pas-de-Calais) to Cassel (Nord)
GR128 From Cassel (Nord) to Roeselare (Belgique)
GR128 From Roeselare to Dendermonde (Belgique)
GR128 From Dendermonde to Leuven (Belgique)
GR128 From Leuven to Maastricht (Pays-Bas)
GR128 From Maastricht to Aachen (Belgique)
GR131 From Mont-Beuvray (Morvan) to Issy-l'Eveque (Saone-et-Loire)
GR132 From Griselles (Loiret) to Chaumot (Yonne)
GR137 From Autun (Saone-et-Loire) to Nolay (Cote-d'Or)
GR141 From la foret domaniale de Verzy to Mutigny (Marne)
GR142 From Villers-Allerand (Marne) to Laon (Aisne)
GR145 Via Francigena. From Calais to Therouanne (Pas-de-Calais)
GR145 Via Francigena. From Therouanne to Arras (Pas-de-Calais)
GR145 Via Francigena. From Arras (Pas-de-Calais) to Saint Quentin (Aisne)
GR211 From Caudebec-en-Caux to Veulettes-sur-Mer (Seine Maritime)
GR212 From Ste Marguerite-sur-Mer to Duclair (Seine Maritime)
GR213 From Pont-sur-Yonne to St Georges-sur-Baulche (Yonne)
GR221 From Coutances to Torigni-sur-Vire (Manche)
GR221 From Torigni-sur-Vire (Manche) to Pont-d'Ouilly (Calvados)
GR222 From Pont-de-l'Arche to Verneuil-sur-Avre (Eure)
GR223 From Berville-sur-Mer (Eure) to Anisy (Calvados)
GR223 From Anisy (Calvados) to Carentan (Manche)
GR223 From Carentan to Cherbourg (Manche)
GR223 From Cherbourg to Portbail (Manche)
GR223 From Portbail to Granville (Manche)
GR223 From Granville to Le Mont-Saint-Michel
GR224 From Berville-sur-Mer to Beaumont-le-Roger (Eure)
GR224 From Beaumont-le-Roger to Verneuil-sur-Avre (Eure)
GR225 From St-Germer-de-Fly to Jouy-sous-Thelle (Oise)
GR226 From Vaux (Calvados) to Gue-Rochoux (Manche)
GR235 From Aillieres-Beauvoir to La Vallee de la Flotte (Sarthe)
GR300 From Sancoins to Chatel-de-Neuvre (Allier)
GR300 From Chatel-de-Neuvre (Allier) to Clermont-Ferrand (Puy-de-Dome)
GR300 From Clermont-Ferrand to Jumeaux (Puy-de-Dome)
GR300 From Jumeaux (Puy-de-Dome) to Polignac (Haute-Loire)
GR303 From Neris-les-Bains to Limoise (Allier)
GR303 From Limoise to Montcombroux-les-Mines (Allier)
GR340 Roundtrip of Belle-Ile-en-Mer (Morbihan)
GR341 From Lanester to Guern (Morbihan - Brittany)
GR341 From Guern (Morbihan) to Bon-Repos (Cotes-d'Armor)
GR360 From La Chapelle-des-Pots to Saint-Romain-de-Benet (Charente-Maritime)
GR360 From St-Romain-de-Benet to St-Georges-des-Agouts (Charente-Maritime)
GR360 From St-Georges-des-Agouts to Meux (Charente-Maritime)
GR360 From Meux to La Chapelle-des-Pots (Charente-Maritime)
GR364 From Plein-Bois to Poitiers (Vienne)
GR364 From Poitiers (Vienne) to St-Pardoux (Deux-Sevres)
GR364 From St-Pardoux (Deux-Sevres) to La Reorthe (Vendee)
GR364 From La Reorthe to Bourgenay (Vendee)
GR365 From Sille-le-Guillaume (Sarthe) to Durtal (Maine-et-Loire)
GR380 From Morlaix to Saint-Rivoal (Finistere)
GR380 From Saint-Rivoal to Morlaix (Finistere)
GR400 Tour of Cantal Volcanoes
GR413 From Bracieux to Berry Canal (Loir-et-Cher)
GR420 Tour of Haut-Vivarais (Ardeche)
GR422 On the path of Charles IX. From Lyon (Rhone) to Roussillon (Isere)
GR422 On the path of Charles IX. From Roussillon (Isere) to Valence (Drome)
GR429 From Dieulefit (Drome) to Viviers (Ardeche)
GR430 St Regis Way (Haute-Loire, Ardeche)
GR440 Tour of Limousine mountain (Creuse, Correze)
GR441 Tour of Chaine des Puys (Puy-de-Dome)
GR461 From Montignac to Terrasson-Lavilledieu (Dordogne)
GR463 From Evaux-les-Bains (Creuse) to Ebreuil (Allier)
GR463 From Ebreuil to Rez-de-l'Aile (Allier)
GR465 Cluny Way. From Murat (Cantal) to Conques-en-Rouergue (Aveyron)
GR470 From Brioude to Pont d´Alleyras (Haute-Loire)
GR470 From Pont d´Alleyras (Haute-Loire) to La Bastide-Puylaurent (Lozere)
GR480 From Turenne to the Gorges of Cere (Correze)
GR510 From Breil-sur-Roya to Villars-sur-Var (Alpes-Maritimes)
GR510 From Villars-sur-Var to La Penne (Alpes-Maritimes)
GR510 From La Penne to St-Cezaire-sur-Siagne (Alpes-Maritimes)
GR534 From Nancy to Blamont (Meurthe-et-Moselle)
GR534 From Blamont (Meurthe-et-Moselle) to Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin)
GR549 From Vizille to L'Alpe-D'Huez (Isere)
GR570 Three Borders Country Tour
GR620 From St Come d'Olt to Inieres (Aveyron)
GR636 From Monbazillac (Dordogne) to Lacapelle-Biron (Lot-et-Garonne)
GR646 From St-Mesmin to Rougerie St Astier (Dordogne)
GR646 From Rougerie St Astier to Port-Ste-Foy-et-Ponchapt (Dordogne)
GR651 From Beduer to Bouzies (Lot)
GR652 From Laroquebrou (Cantal) to Rocamadour (Lot)
GR652 From Rocamadour (Lot) to Tournon-d'Agenais (Lot-et-Garonne)
GR652 From Tournon-d'Agenais (Lot-et-Garonne) to La Romieu (Gers)
GR653 From Arles (Bouches-du-Rhone) to Montarnaud (Herault)
GR653 From Montarnaud to Castanet-le-Haut (Herault)
GR653 From Castanet-le-Haut (Herault) to Dourgne (Tarn)
GR653 From Dourgne (Tarn) to Toulouse (Haute-Garonne)
GR653 From Toulouse (Haute-Garonne) to Auch (Gers)
GR653 From Auch (Gers) to Morlaās (Pyrenees-Atlantiques)
GR653 From Morlaās to Col du Somport (Pyrenees-Atlantiques)
GR653A From Menton to Mandelieu-la-Napoule (Alpes-Maritimes)
GR653A From Mandelieu-la-Napoule (Alpes-Maritimes) to Le Val (Var)
GR653A From Le Val (Var) to Eguilles (Bouches-du-Rhone)
GR653A From Eguilles to Arles (Bouches-du-Rhone)
GR653D From Montgenevre to Savines-le-Lac (Hautes-Alpes)
GR653D From Savines-le-Lac (Hautes-Alpes) to St Geniez (Alpes de Haute-Provence)
GR653D From St Geniez to Cereste (Alpes de Haute-Provence)
GR653D From Cereste (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence) to Arles (Bouches-du-Rhone)
GR654 From Rocroi (Ardennes) to Reims (Marne)
GR654 From Reims to Blaise-sous-Arzillieres (Marne)
GR654 From Blaise-sous-Arzillieres (Marne) to Bar-sur-Seine (Aube)
GR654 From Bar-sur-Seine (Aube) to Irancy (Yonne)
GR654 From Irancy (Yonne) to La Charite-sur-Loire (Nievre)
GR654 From La Charite-sur-Loire (Nievre) to Orcenais (Cher)
GR654 From Orcenais (Cher) to Dampierre (Indre)
GR654 From Dampierre (Indre) to Virareix (Haute-Vienne)
GR654 From Virareix to Cussac (Haute-Vienne)
GR654 From Cussac (Haute-Vienne) to St Astier (Dordogne)
GR654 From St Astier (Dordogne) to Pinel-Hauterive (Lot-et-Garonne)
GR654 From Pinel-Hauterive (Lot-et-Garonne) to Montreal (Gers)
GR655 From Vieux-Reng (Nord) to Fresnoy-le-Grand (Aisne)
GR655 From St Crepin-aux-Bois (Oise) to Montmorancy (Val-d'Oise)
GR655 From Montmorancy (Val-d'Oise) to Saint-Hilarion (Yvelines)
GR655 From Saint-Hilarion (Yvelines) to Bonneval (Eure-et-Loir)
GR655 From Bonneval (Eure-et-Loir) to Prunay-Cassereau (Loir-et-Cher)
GR655 From Prunay-Cassereau (Loir-et-Cher) to Ste-Maure-de-Touraine (Indre-et-Loire)
GR655 From Ste-Maure-de-Touraine (Indre-et-Loire) to Lusignan (Vienne)
GR655 From Lusignan (Vienne) to Mazeray (Charente-Maritime)
GR655 From Mazeray (Charente-Maritime) to Blaye (Gironde)
GR655 From Blaye to Beliet (Gironde)
GR655 From Beliet (Gironde) to Onesse-Laharie (Landes)
GR655 From Onesse-Laharie to Sorde-l'Abbaye (Landes)
GR670 Urbain V way. From Nasbinals to Florac (Lozere)
GR670 Urbain V way. From Florac (Lozere) to Vezenobres (Gard)
GR670 Urbain V way. From Vezenobres (Gard) to Avignon (Vaucluse)
GR700 From Le Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire) to Chamborigaud (Gard)
GR700 From Chamborigaud to St Gilles (Gard)
GR703 From Toul (Meurthe-et-Moselle) to Fronville (Haute-Marne)
GR703 From Fronville (Haute-Marne) to Bagneux-la-Fosse (Aube)
GR714 From Bar-le-Duc (Meuse) to Domremy-la-Pucelle (Vosges)
GR714 From Domremy-la-Pucelle to Dombrot-le-Sec (Vosges)
GR782 Henri IV Way. From Lourdes (Hautes-Pyrenees) to Artiguelouve (Pyrenees-Atlantiques)
GR2013 Around the pond of Berre (Bouches-du-Rhone)
GR2013 Around the massif of l'Etoile (Bouches-du-Rhone)


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Hiking loops From 3 to 26km in
Lozere & Ardeche

Regordane Way GR700 Across
Auvergne, Cevennes and Occitanie

Cevennes National Park
Hiking trails, History of France

Stevenson Trail GR70 Walking
across Haute-Loire, Lozere & Gard

Round trip by bicycle from 21 to 95km
in Lozere, Ardeche, Haute-Loire, Gard

Others hikes
Tour of Baronnies (Drome)
Tour of Causse Mejean (Lozere)
Tour of Causse Sauveterre (Lozere-Aveyron)
Tour of Cevenol (Lozere - Ardeche - Gard)
Tour of Chassezac (Lozere)
Tour of Gascogne (Gers)
Tour of Gevaudan (Lozere)
Tour of Gorges de la Vezere (Correze)
Tour of Haute Chalosse (Landes)
Tour of Marches de Meuse (Meuse)
Tour of Haute Vallee de la Ceze (Gard-Ardeche)
Tour of Haute Vallee du Luech (Gard-Lozere)
Tour of Larzac Meridional (Herault-Gard)
Tour of Maitres Sonneurs (Indre-Cher-Allier)
Tour of Mandragore (Charente, Haute-Vienne)
Tour of Margeride (Lozere)
Tour of Metz (Moselle)
Tour of Montagne Ardechoise (Lozere-Ardeche)
Tour of Mont-Blanc (Haute-Savoie, Schweiz und Italien)
Tour of Monts d'Ambazac (Haute-Vienne)
Tour of Monts Aubrac (Lozere-Aveyron-Cantal)
Tour of Monts de Blond (Haute-Vienne)
Tour of Monts du Lyonnais (Rhone-Loire)
Tour of Morvan (Nievre)
Tour of Omois (Aisne, Marne, Oise)
Tour of Parc Regional du Boulonnais (Pas-de-Calais)
Tour of Pays de Dieulefit (Drome)
Tour of Pays de Saint Flour (Cantal, Haute-Loire, Lozere)
Tour of Pays de Valencay (Indre, Loir-et-Cher)
Tour of Reine Margot (Puy-de-Dome)
Tour of Robe de Bure und Cotte de Mailles (Haute-Loire)
Tour of Tanargue (Ardeche)
Tour of Vallee de Masmejean (Ardeche)
Tour of Vallee du Galeizon (Gard-Lozere)
Tour of Vienne Limousine (Vienne)
Tour of Wasserfälle, Landes und Peatlands (Creuse)
Tour of Xaintrie Blanche (Correze)
Tour of Xaintrie Noire (Correze)
Tour of des Vezere Flusses (Correze)
Tour of Sologne (Loiret, Cher, Loir-et-Cher)
Tour zwischen Dordogne und Ventadour (Correze)
Hike throughout la Dombes (Rhone-Ain)
GTJ From Mandeure to Villers-le-Lac (Doubs)
GTJ From Villers-le-Lac to Mouthe (Doubs)
GTJ From Mouthe (Doubs) to Lelex (Ain)
GTJ From Lelex to Culoz (Ain)
Crossing Paris. From Bois de Boulogne to Bois de Vincennes
Crossing Paris. From Porte de la Villette to Parc Montsouris
GRR1 Tour of Piton des Neiges (Reunion Island)
GRR2 From St Denis to St Philippe (Reunion Island)
GRR3 Tour of Mafate Circus (Reunion Island)
A week on the GR4 trail in mountains
Hiking in Ardeche and Gard on Le Cevenol
Pilgrimage on the St James of Compostela Way
Saint Guilhem le Desert Way. From Aumont-Aubrac to Ste Enimie (Lozere)
Saint Guilhem le Desert Way. From Ste Enimie (Lozere) to St Guilhem (Herault)


Practical advice
Check the opening of some accommodations during the low season.
Book your lodging (generally 30% deposit and the balance at the end of your stay).
Take with you some cash because most Guesthouses to not accept Credit Card.
Take with you a bed sheet rather than a sleeping bag (Blankets on the spot).
Put your things in a large plastic bag that you place in your backpack to keep dry.
Arrival times (check-in) in the accommodation are, in general, no earlier than 15h (3pm).
Before every trek, make sure that you have all your gears and everything is working fine. Some walking trail can be quite difficult to complete and a good and fitted equipment will be necessary.
Most important of all, do not spare on your walking shoes. This is your most important gear for your walks so they need to be as comfortable as possible to have the best time on a trek.

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L'Etoile Guest-House

Old romantic Hotel, L'Etoile Guest-House is a mountain retreat in the South of France. With a beautiful park along the Allier River, L'Etoile Guesthouse is located in La Bastide-Puylaurent between Lozere, Ardeche and Cevennes. Many hiking trails like GR7, GR70 Stevenson trail, GR72, GR700 Regordane way, Cevenol, GR470 Allier river trail, Margeride, Gevaudan, Ardechoise. Many hiking loops around L'Etoile Guesthouse. The right place to relax.

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